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Searching patent databases is one of the tools at the hand of he inventor during the stage of decision making about promoting the invention and patent.

The patent search decreases the level of uncertainty of the inventor and entrepreneur regarding feasibility and worthiness of their invention in the process of editing the patent, examining it and receiving it.

The search result that information specialists and patent attorneys conduct worldwide can not testify with certainty that the patent or invention does not exist, but that it has not been found in the framework of the search budget.

The patents in the various patent databases worldwide are in various registry processes, they are confidential at least throughout the first year or longer, said time enabling the inventor to promote his invention without the concern of revealing its details, but also prevents finding inventions and patents in various registry stages, in various countries throughout the time frame of at least one year or more, due to above mention confidentiality  the higher the search budget the broader and wider  the search to be implemented in order to find relevant information related to the invention and patent.

The patent and patents can appear in the databases under different classifications and under different search words, a broad search of terms and search words  decreases the level of uncertainty and provides information about the invention and patents but does not completely eliminate the possibility that a certain patent or invention exists in most fields.

While conducting a search, there are patents which exist in the field of the new invention, but it does not mean that a focused patent can not be received if there already is an existing patent in the field.

Nowadays many products marketed and sold worldwide have a focused patent despite the fact that in the field there are many additional patents.

To help the inventor turn his raw idea into a concrete plan and then build a model, we integrate a multi-disciplinary technical team into the patent development. The conceptual plan is then passed to a consulting patent attorney who drafts and edits the patent application. This combination of a technical team to help with patent development and a professional patent attorney can prove to be advantageous to the business potential of the venture. The patent attorney is helped by the technical team who provides him with technical details about the invention, and allows him to expand, define and refine the patent applications needed. This is done in accordance with the technical implementation used to build a model and create a prototype, to prevent the filing of an application for a theoretical, but impractical, patent.

The technical team also receive guidance from the patent attorney. This direct cooperation between the technical team and the patent attorney is beneficial for the technical aspect of the invention, for the scope of the patent application submitted to the Patent Authority and for saving costs. Moreover, in many cases, this combination can help the inventor and entrepreneur in the later stages of selling the patent, by improving the invention’s inherent business potential.

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