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We sign upon a confidentiality agreement and are obligated to maintain confidentiality even before the customer orders out services.

It is important that the inventor signs a confidentiality agreement before he presents the invention/idea, it is recommended to ensure the body you turn to is reliable, renowned and has a trusted reputation, which will honor the confidentiality agreement, signed enabling the inventor to submit a patent application which helps him maintain his intellectual property in the invention.

It is also recommended to check the experience and capabilities of the body you turn to present the idea to, in order not to miss a business opportunity having a good idea. It is important to ensure that the body you are in contact with has the capability to handle all stages of promoting the initiative, idea, invention and patent. 

Before submitting the patent application it is usually recommended to do basic concept planning to prevent a situation in which the inventor submits the patent application before he has focused his invention, developed, and thought of ways of implementing and promoting that can be derived from the invention, which could cause the issues missing in the patent application to diminish the encompassment of protection.

The stages of promoting the patent, invention, idea stage by stage until success:

a. The owner of the patent idea, inventor, and entrepreneur turn to our company and receive general preliminary details regarding the invention, patent, idea they have.

b. Our company and the entrepreneur, client, patent thinker, sign upon a confidentiality agreement and we are obligated to maintain confidentiality, the client presents before us additional details about the invention which enables us to present before him a future action plan and a price quotation.

c. The client, entrepreneur, inventor, patent thinker, presents us with his requirements such as: planning, illustrations, prototype model, patent search, patent, patent application, consultation and so on.

d. The client, inventor, patent thinker receives a price quotation and methods of making an order by professionals and experts according to his request and requirements of the initiative, invention, patent, idea. The offer includes the work stages, costs, payment options, and lead time and so on.

e. The client orders the stage or stages which he is interested in, makes the payment using a check, credit card, or bank transfer.

f. Our company executes the order of the stage/ project according to the work stages which have been set and coordinated with the client and gives the client the stage/project as ordered.
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