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Engineering and design

One of the first stages of promoting the invention, idea and patent is the stage of basic concept planning which is illustrated in two dimensional and three dimensional schemas by a team which has a lot of experience in different fields of engineering. The concept planning illustrated in the schemas enables focusing the invention, improving it, explaining it and using the illustrations in the process of patent application and editing, and to differentiate the invention from other patents and inventions.

The process is done with the help of a team of specialists n our company which has a lot of experience in patents and inventions and extensive knowledge in various technological fields, which give their input and experience  in the process of planning the patent and invention on all industrial aspects taking under consideration future manufacturing processes and withstanding the initiatives pricing limitations, methods of manufacturing the prototypes, and models as well as mass production of the patent and invention.

The planning and illustrations are implemented are executed at a high level and also help in the commercial process and fund raising required to realize the initiative.
Before making a prototype or model we do the engineering plans including the details, measurements, materials and processes needed to be implemented.

We also prepare dynamic technical presentations which enable the entrepreneur and inventor  to display patents and inventions on the computer screen in a manner which visualizes in movement, color, 3D and perspective the technological, patentable advantages of the initiative and invention and by doing so interest potential investors and buyers.
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