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Manufacturing the Prototype

In our factory we manufacture prototypes and models in various fields, at our disposal are machines, equipment, materials, knowledge and experience to manufacture models and prototypes in the following fields: machining, metal, plastics, electricity, electronics, automation and control, electro mechanics, software, hardware, optics, medical instrumentation, security equipment, domestic appliances, Gemological and seismologic instrumentation, magnets and electro magnets, energy, linear and wireless communication, Bluetooth, rescue, machinery, scientific devices, engineering devices and more.

At the completion of building of the prototype and model we provide the customer with an organized manufacturing portfolio based on the various developing stages.

After planning and developing the patent and invention through all the necessary stages we manufacture the preliminary manufacturing series, as well as planning and preparing all the required tools such as for example molds and dies used for mass production.

We prepare the manufacturing portfolio and manufacturing process as well as coordinating and accompanying the manufacturing stage in our factory, the customer's factory or subcontractors and supervise the manufacturing process in Israel or abroad, including Europe, the United States, Thailand and china.
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