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One of the tracks offered by our company is an economic track, in which we supply the company's services in a partnership track according to allocation of percentages of the initiative between inventor and us.

Only inventions which have a chance of receiving a patent are chosen by us and by the entrepreneur are accepted to this track.

The inventor/ entrepreneur, patent thinker, usually remain the owners of the majority of the percentages in the invention, patent, idea and we provide the services at a reduced price and receive relatively modest percentages of the invention, patent.

One of the additional tracks offered by our company is marketing patents, inventions and prototypes, we take part in various exhibitions worldwide making contacts with investors and companies in many diverse fields, we help inventors/patent owners and companies to make contacts to market the patents, inventions, and prototypes. We search for strategic and financial partners for the inventors.

We also prepare business plans and marketing material suitable for the patent, invention and market needs. We locate people who are potentially interested in patents and inventions and give the entrepreneur, inventor a price quotation and conditions for handling the inventions, patents, ideas and so on.

Locating marketers, and potential investors for inventions, patents takes place on a number of levels using contacts that we have with many companies in Israel and abroad and by exhibitions and initiated meetings.

We accompany the inventor, patent, invention in the commercializing process up to implementation of the business transaction and signing of the agreement.
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