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Patents, systems and products we have developed:
Product name:
• Command, control and transportation systems.
• Plastic and metal products.
• Data security for computers and internet.
• D.N.A testing device
• Modems for computer communication.
• Rescue systems from buildings
• Electro mechanical products.
• Systems in the field of energy.
• Probes and sensors: mechanical, inertial, chemical, optical, electronic, IR, P.I.R, piezoelectric, contact, capacity, pressure, magnetic, medical, thermal, industrial, security and so on. 
• Games, toys and house wares.
• Two use window.
• Products for children and infants
• Weather system.
• Earthquake sensing devices.
• Solar energy systems.
• Real-time Sun location detector integrated with command and propulsion systems of the solar collectors.
• Electronic security fences.
• Robots.
• Safe building foundations against earthquakes.

Product name:
•  Gemological and seismologic instrumentation
• Lightning shield.
• Sensors and alarm systems.
• Scientific and medical instrumentation.
• Domestic products.
• Facilities and manufacturing lines.
• Molds and dies.
• Aviation and seamanship products.
• Inflating products.
• Animal products.
• Leather and fabric products.
• Products for vehicles.
• Sports products.
• Optical products.
• Security and military products.
• Products for the construction industry.
• D.I.Y products.
• Products for golf and golf fields.
• Magnetic and electromagnetic products.
• Models for homes and buildings.
• Products for infrastructure and construction.
• Linear and wireless communication, Bluetooth, IR, P.I.R.
• Programmed controllers.
• Sophisticated patentable furniture which is operated manually and electrically.
• Many other diverse projects.

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