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The Way to Improve Patents

Over time, inventions and patents develop in different directions. Very often, scientists and inventors base their inventions on existing knowledge from different historical periods.

As progress is made in manufacturing and engineering processes, materials and knowledge, it also becomes possible to make progress with new inventions and patents. Many patents and inventions are in fact, improvements on previous inventions. Some inventions are basic and wide in scope, such as: The telephone, the phonograph, light bulbs, etc. Other patents are narrow in scope or focus on improving existing inventions, such as a dial or key pad for a telephone.

In every new patent, examiners around the world quote reference numbers for existing patents and that allows us to see the innovative progress in patents over time. To receive a patent, an inventor must meet various criteria, which include among other things, the fact that the invention must be new. The invention must provide benefits and must display innovative advance.
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