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Requests to Extend the Period of Patent Protection

In accordance with public demand, the Registrar of Patents, Designs and Trademarks has published a memorandum and anyone seeking an extension of the period of protection granted by patents should read the clarifications in that memorandum. 

Clause 2 in the memorandum states that a report on the requests for the granting of extension orders waiting for examination shall be published and available for perusal by the public on the Patent Office’s website.

Preferably, inventors and entrepreneurs without expertise in the field of patents should ask a patent attorney for an explanation and advice on how to act in order to retain their rights if already granted.

In the field of intellectual copyright, inventors usually seek the help of patent attorneys when they want to realize their rights to an invention. The required procedures in the granting of patent processes begin with the submission of a request for patent to the Patent, Designs and Trademarks Office. During the patent registration process, that Office issues examination reports written by patent examiners acting on behalf of the Patent Office. The inventor or the petitioner for patent must respond to such notices or reports and if they comply with the demands made by the patent examiner, who relies on the Patent Law  and the Patent Regulations, they will be granted a Certificate of Patent.
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