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Registering a US patent at the Patent Office

Many inventors aim to register a patent at the US patent office. Registered patents in the USA are very highly regarded due to their marketing potential and the size of the prospective market.

In order to receive a registered patent in the USA, it is necessary to file a patent application at the US patent office, but it is also possible to first file an application at the Israeli patent office and only then file an application at the US patent office. There is a route that can be followed between the Israeli patent office and the US patent office, called PPH. Through the inventor’s wise use and building of a suitable strategy for his invention, a US patent can be granted based on the Israeli patent.

In other words, an Israeli inventor can first file for a patent in Israel, and if the conditions allow, he can fast track an additional patent for his second patent application, assuming the patent holds up to the law and to Israeli inspection. Once the Israeli patent is granted, the inventor can turn to the PPH path (Patent Prosecution Highway), and the US patent office can rely on the Israeli examination and will also grant a patent on the existing conditions through the fast track method.

We have a number of clients who have used this track, and it is important to consult a patent attorney who can examine the invention, and write a suitable application in order to implement the options available to the inventor.

A combination of patent applications, technical material, marketing and business actions can benefit the inventor, making it important to consult with professionals who know the field and consider each case on an individual basis.

Registering a patent at the US patent office is important to ensure maximization of the invention’s underlying business potential. However, inventors do not always act in the appropriate manner in either the short or the long term: whilst an initial application for a US patent can be a longer path than submitting the original application in Israel, and then in the USA, this is not always the case. It is therefore important to meet face to face, to properly understand the subtleties existing in each invention, the inventor’s investment capacity, his objectives, and more.

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