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Registering Patents in Israel and Around the World

Registering a patent in Israel or anywhere else in the world grants the patent holder a monopoly right to the invention it protects for 20 years. This is the reason that Israelis and inventors from around the world apply to file patents in Israel or any other country: for the right granted by a patent certificate to a registered patent.

Registering a patent in Israel only grants the patent holder a monopoly right to the invention within the boundaries of the State of Israel. Patent protection is territorial, so the inventor may wish to file patent applications in his other target countries. When the applicant has filed for a patent in Israel, he may request his filing date in Israel as a priority date in any other countries where he wishes to file, if they also signed the Paris treaty, and if his applications are filed within a year from the date of his Israeli filing.

For example, an inventor files a registered patent application in Israel, and before 12 months have passed, he files for a US registered patent. The inventor requests his priority date on which he filed his Israeli patent from the US Patent Office, by submitting Israeli priority documents. Thus, if another inventor were to file for a US patent after the Israeli patent application was filed, and if the Israeli inventor files for a US patent before 12 months have passed, the Israeli patent holder will secure his priority date and be granted the US patent.

Priority documents that are filed at the US Patent Office can be requested from the Israeli Patent Authority by the Israeli patent applicant. As of 30th May, 2012, the cost of ordering priority documents is ₪88.

Therefore, an inventor who applies for Israeli patents can file for patents outside of Israel and all around the world before 12 months have passed, but he is not obligated to file for additional patents in additional countries when he applies for the Israeli patent. Within these 12 months, the inventor can further develop his patent, or, as it is more correct to say, develop his invention for which he has applied for a patent, or he can develop and promote his business venture.

In addition, before the end of 12 months, the inventor can file an application in accordance with the PCT, to further extend his ability to apply for patents in additional countries for about another year and a half. More precisely, this extends his ability by 30 or 31 months in specific countries from the filing date of his Israeli patent, i.e. about two and a half years from the date of his initial Israeli filing date.

By building a wise strategy, consistent with the inventor’s needs, the costs of applying for patents in different countries can be delayed, and the business side can be developed and promoted.

The above details are not comprehensive; therefore, it is important to consult with a patent attorney for each individual case. This also enables tailoring to the inventor’s needs to enable him to further the inherent potential in is invention.
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