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Registered Patents

Registered patents can be registered at patent offices all around the world. In Israel, patents are registered at the Israeli Patent Authority. Before receiving a registered patent, a patent examiner from the Patent Authority must examine the patent application documents submitted.

The patent applicant whose application adheres to the conditions set out in Patent Law and other regulations will be awarded a registered patent. Initially, it must be checked whether the new invention is indeed new by carrying out a patent search. This search can be done through Google Patents for free, or through a paid search done on the internet. If there is not enough technical data, or if the inventor wishes to improve upon the existing technical details, a technical team can be employed to help development, and to provide the technical aspect of the invention and illustrations to the patent attorney who can draft and edit the patent, and submit the application and diagrams to the Israeli Patent Authority and/ or foreign patent offices.

After submission of the patent application, the patent examiner will examine both the procedural aspect of the documents submitted in the patent application and the substantive aspect.

Patents Law states:

"3. What is a New Invention? (Updated 5760) 
An invention, whether a product or a process in any field of technology, which is new and useful, can be used in industry or agriculture, and which involves an inventive step, is a patentable invention".

If the examiner finds these conditions and others to be fulfilled, he will grant a registered patent to the patent applicant. A registered patent grants the owner the monopoly right for 20 years from the application filing date. Thus, the owner of an invention with a registered patent can produce his invention without worry of exploitation of his intellectual property by others. The inventor can then decide to sell the rights protected by the registered patent either for a one-time fee or for payment of royalties.
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