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Patents for Sale – Selling Patents

Sometimes when filing for a patent, the inventor’s objective is simply to sell it. Although some patents are not for sale and the patent holder wishes to manufacture the product himself, but the sale of the patent can be the inventor’s main goal, or an incidental addition to independent production. Some companies seek patents for sale in order to expand their intellectual property rights and the value of the company.

Patents can be sold for a one-time fee, or the patent itself, or the right to patent can be sold for receipt of royalties each time, according to sales of the product. If the producer pays the inventor royalties, this is often worked out as a specific percentage of the wholesale price that the item is sold for, but the producer may choose to purchase the patent or the patent right through a different pricing method.

Many inventors also prefer to combine the two payment methods: to receive a single-time payment in advance, and receive royalties in addition. In our experience, a combination of the two methods is the most ideal, as it allows the inventor receives both financial benefit in the short term and royalties to provide an income in the long term.

Another financial path the inventor may wish to pursue is to join together with a business entrepreneur and possibly form a new company, run in partnership between the inventor and the investor. This method works better for independent investors than with large companies that sell other items in the field of the invention.

Before presenting the new invention to investors or companies, it is important that an application has already been submitted for patent registration. One of the conditions of Patents Law is that the invention must be new and unpublicized and presentation of the invention to others can often be considered as publication, thereby preventing the possible granting of a patent in the future.

We provide services from the initial idea with a team that is experienced in many areas. It is important to consult with professionals from the outset to prevent a financial loss at a later stage, and a suitable technical team can advise the inventor on technical solutions and expansions in the initial stages, help with the patent development, plan and build a model to create a prototype, prepare presentations and an animated movie for the patent. A patent attorney can draft the patent application, and an experienced business team can do some business planning and prepare a business plan for the inventor to help him and guide him on an approach to help him sell his patent.
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