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Patents and Inventions

Our Company deals with patents and inventions. We provided companies and individual inventors with all the services required to move forward and transform your inventions and patents into realities.

At the beginning of this process we prepare plans and drawings in principle for the invention and where necessary, we provide advice on a range of issues regarding the product or method for the invention. We also help entrepreneurs with physical and technical issues regarding the registration of their patents.

We also offer inventors and entrepreneurs a range of tracks for this process, which includes the manufacture of models and prototypes, feasibility studies, the development and marketing of patents.

We prepare plans and drawings for patent registration using software providing three dimensional, two dimensional, isometric and perspective illustrations, which allow the patent attorney to draw up the registered patent in an impressive, clear and broad manner.

The high quality plans and drawings we provide make it as easy as possible for the entrepreneur and/or inventor to present the invention during the patent marketing process that follows the planning and registration of patent.
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