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Patents and Designs as Inspiration for product development

Patents and Designs can act as a boost for product development. In the early stages of product development, the inventor can often feel insecure. He may fear that his invention in which he has invested his time and his money will not belong to him because the rights to the intellectual property already belong to another inventor. Therefore, many inventors find themselves in a dilemma or at a crossroads, what to do first: should he first register the patent and design with the Patent Authority, or should he prioritize development of the product, and only after developing the product should he go through the patent or design registration process. This question must be examined on a case-by-case basis, i.e. it is necessary to examine the objectives and strategy of the specific inventor, consider his knowledge and familiarity with the invention’s area, his marketing goals, i.e. whether the inventor is operating as a business entrepreneur, intending to establish the product within his business, or whether his objective is to sell the invention for a one-time fee or to receive royalties. 

It is usually more worthwhile to take care of the various patent and design processes first. Correct and prompt treatment can prevent the inventor from investing money and time in a product that isn’t protectable or, even worse, the intellectual property rights are already registered to a different inventor. In the patent or design protection application stage there are methods within the law that can be used to delay costs, to enable the inventor to look for strategic partners and investors while payments are delayed.

Sometimes product development must happen simultaneously while applying for the patent or design to be registered, because these processes often affect each other, i.e. information from the product design and development may be used for the patent office registration procedures.

Sometimes while developing a product, depending on results of tests carried out by the inventor and the consulting team, it may appear that the chance of being awarded a patent is slim. However, there are other processes that can protect a product with a unique and novel design. This can be done through a process performed by the Patent and Design Authority, called a Design Patent. It is often possible to submit two different types of application for one newly developed product, which allows the applicant to benefit from protection in two areas of intellectual property. By applying for a patent and design patent on the same product, the entrepreneur can expand his protection, on both the functional aspect and the design aspect of the developed product.

A reciprocal relationship exists between patents and designs, and product development. These interactions can be seen to create momentum for one another, i.e. when the inventor is awarded the rights to a registered patent or a registered design, the product development gets a boost by reducing uncertainty in the inventor, and the inventor becomes more confident in his invention, which in turn boosts development of the product.

Our professionals include specialists from the field of patents and designs, i.e. patent attorneys, and technical professionals, i.e. design and development professionals. This combination allows the inventor and entrepreneur to promote their invention in both areas.
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