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Patent Registration in England – Patents in England

Patent registration in England – Patents in England can often be advantageous for an inventor. Registering a patent in England sometimes has many advantages in comparison with other European countries.

Inventors can choose to submit an application to register individual patents in different European countries, or to file a general application to register a patent in Europe. One advantage of filing a patent in England is that must be filed in the English language. Although patents can be filed in English in other European countries, they must usually be translated into the local language at a later stage for an additional fee, as is required e.g. in Holland.

In England, the patents are obviously submitted in English. An inventor can use the same document that the patent attorney wrote when filing in other countries where an English language patent can be filed. In Israel, most applications are filed in English without the requirement to translate them into Hebrew. Although it is possible to file in Hebrew, only a relatively small number of patents are submitted in Hebrew. The only patents that are filed in Hebrew are those that are only intended for submission in Israel, for example patents over ritual objects.

An applicant who has filed a patent in Israel can therefore use the same English language application document to file in the USA and England, as well as other applications submitted as part of the treaties such as the PCT.

Moreover, the British Intellectual Property Office performs the search and examination in an efficient and relatively good time. The time taken until a preliminary response is received from the application date, for existing information is relatively short and gives the inventor an indication regarding his invention.
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