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Patent Registration: Price and Costs

The matter of the financial costs involved in registering a patent is brought up by many inventors interested in submitting a patent application. The price and costs of patent registration fluctuate depending on the type of application filed to the Patent Authority, as well as the type of invention. The simplicity or complexity of the patent attorney’s work has a large bearing on the costs involved.

The cost of a patent application is made up of the patent attorney’s wages, and the costs of the technical team that often prepare the technical details for the patent attorney, as well as the various patent fees.

The cost of the fees for an application to the Patent Authority depends on the type of application and the country in which the application is being filed. For example, the fee for a patent application in Israel, as of 30th May 2012, is ₪1,245. However, the cost of an application to the US Patent Office for a temporary or provisional patent, as many people mistakenly call it, is $125.

When an inventor has insufficient technical details to be able to submit a patent application, a technical team can help him and provide technical details and diagrams for the patent attorney. The cost of a technical team will vary depending on the scope of the work needed from them.

The patent attorney’s fee will also depend on the scope of his work. For example, the cost of a patent for an app or a software patent is likely to be cheaper than the cost of a drug patent. Each patent should therefore be examined on its own merits by a patent attorney, who can advise whether it is worthwhile to file a patent application, and what the associated fees and wages are likely to be.
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