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Patent Lawyer - Patent Attorney

Inventors often search for a patent lawyer, but do not realize the difference between a patent lawyer and a patent attorney. A patent lawyer, as many inventors claim to be looking for, does not write patents. A patent lawyer is first and foremost a lawyer, but they are lawyers who work in the field of patents. Due to their accreditation as lawyers, however, they are not involved with writing patents. In comparison, a patent attorney is a professional who has undergone examinations and holds a patent attorney license. Amongst other things, the patent attorney examination includes writing and editing patents.

A patent attorney is a professional with an edication in science and’or engineering, who has done two years’ practical training and undergone examination by the patent authority. In contrast, a patent lawyer has trained and been licensed by the Bar Association.

It is important for an inventor with an invention to consult a professional with appropriate qualifications. Writing and editing a patent requires knowledge of Patent Law and regulations in the field.

Inventors are also helped by professionals from other fields with promotion of their invention during the business venture. Patent- and invention-related business ventures are comprised from a number of fields: the technical team that helped the inventor develop the invention can also build the model or prototype; the patent attorney or lawyer specializing in patent law writes and edits the patent application; the marketing team that is involved with the business and marketing aspect, prepares marketing materials for the patent such as business presentations or an animated movie, they prepare a business plan, including contacts and marketing through business partners, fundraising and deals for royalties, and combination of the possible business options.

We provide service from the initial idea stage, through planning and building a model or prototype, and we work with a patent attorneys’ office who write the patent application. We can also prepare an animated movie and business plan.

In our experience, combining these disciplines helps the inventor to implement his invention. This can happen by offering the patent for sale and fundraising or by self-manufacturing and marketing. Investors will research various aspects of an invention before investing, therefore it is important that a qualified patent attorney writes the patent application and an experienced technical team prepare the technical specifications. This ensures that the patent will not be purely theoretical and practically unfeasible, or that the protection does not reflect the technical aspect i.e. the product the inventor wishes to create. A lack of contact between the professionals from different areas can result in each professional approaching the business differently: the technical team develops a product, but it does not include the protection applied for by the patent attorney. Therefore, proper management of the invention and direct contact between all the different professionals can be very important for a successful business venture.
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