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Patent Ideas

Ideas for patents occur to inventors in various different fields. An idea for a patent is usually the first step in any new invention, but sometimes the idea must be further developed in order to ensure a patent can be filed for the invention so it is granted a registered patent.

Sometimes, inventors approach patent attorneys before they have sufficient technical details. In this case, the patent attorney tells the inventor that he must further develop the invention and add details, to allow the patent application to be submitted with all the required technical details.

Inventors may think of ideas for patents in response to a problem they have encountered, or in order to improve, make more efficient or lower the cost of a product or process. However, sometimes they have an idea but no way to implement it. Involving a technical team in the development of the product may help the inventor add any potentially missing technical details before the stage of writing the patent application.

We involve both a technical team and a consulting patent attorney in the “patent development” stage, as many inventors mistakenly call it. In actual fact, it is wrong to talk about developing a patent when there is no patent granted; it is more correct to refer to development of the product, process or invention. The invention can be developed by the technical team who can then build a model, and at a later stage, a prototype.

The technical team passes the technical details to the patent attorney to enable him to check whether there is grounds on which to submit a patent application.
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