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Patent Fees at the Patent Authority

Fees payable to the Patent Authority can vary, depending on the subject of the patent application submitted. Patent Authority fees are only a part of the costs involved for patent applicants.

As of 6th June 2012, the fees payable for filing a patent at the Patent Authority are ₪1,245. There are additional fees that the patent applicant may also need to pay. For example, should the address on a patent application need changing, there is a ₪239 charge. Requesting priority documents costs an additional ₪88. Other fees may also be payable, if applicable, for other patent related requests.

Recently, the Patent Authority announced the cancellation of the patent acceptance fee. The patent acceptance fee used to be ₪511, but now a patent applicant who receives an acceptance notice from the Patent Authority no longer needs to pay this fee, saving this cost.

It is important to keep up to date with the charges due. The Patent Authority updates its fees from time to time, in accordance with the CPI and other parameters. A patent applicant who does not submit the up-to-date fee with his patent application – even if he is only a few shekels short – will receive a letter from the Patent Authority stating that he has not paid the requisite fees. Paying a few shekels too little can cause unnecessary correspondence that could have been prevented by double checking beforehand.

The details above are incomplete, and a patent attorney should be consulted in all cases to check what fees must be paid, if charges have been updated, or if fees have been added or cancelled.
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