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Israeli Patents and Israeli Inventions

Many Israeli inventions and patents are sold in Israel and around the world. Israeli patents and inventions are well respected round the world, as Israel is known for its technology and creative solutions. Israelis are also renowned for their ability to develop patents in many different fields, and implement them.

Many Israeli inventors with Israeli patents have sold their inventions to large foreign companies, and many have personally made and marketed their patents. A long list of Israeli patents exists, that have succeeded around the world in a variety of fields. For example, drip irrigation in the field of agriculture, Rav Bariach security doors, various inventions in the field of security and first aid, software patents, drug patents, medical equipment patents, and many more.

Some Israeli inventors manufacture their Israeli inventions and patented products to market them themselves, and some sell the rights to the patent in return for a single-time payment or royalties dependent upon the scope of sales of the product. Inventors may say, “I have an idea for a patent,” and the idea may potentially yield the inventor an income by the idea being registered as a patent. The inventor can commercialize his patent by selling the intellectual property that is protected by the registered patent.

Foreign companies and inventors also often apply for Israeli patents. Knowing that Israel is a center of technological development, with potential for competition, they see great benefit in protecting their invention here in Israel. As well as registering their  patents in Israel, many Israeli inventors also submit patent applications outside the country, for example they may file for a US registered patent due to the large potential market that can yield the Israeli inventor a generous income.
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