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Developing Medical Products and Developing Medical Patents

Developing medical products and developing medical patents are two related areas. Some product development companies develop patents in the medical field, but to do so properly they must understand the field of patents as well as having the ability to develop the products.

Firstly, it should be verified on what a medical patent can be granted. The product developer should ensure he does not develop a product that cannot be protected by a patent. The section detailing the extent of protection requested for the invention is the “Patent Claims” section. The patent attorney that drafts and carries out the editing of the patent must define the extent of the invention. Often, the people who develop the product do so without paying attention to the scope of protection awarded in the medical patent, but it is of the utmost importance that the development of the medical product is in accordance with the protection awarded to the patent holder.

Our company has a medical product development team comprised of specialists from different fields – programming, electronics, metals and plastics, computing, control and automation mechanics – all of whom can help with medical product development, drawing on our experience developing dozens of medical products in various fields. Our development team is accompanied by a consulting patent attorney who guides the team regarding the scope of protection received, so that the item being produced is in accordance with the patent awarded. If, during the product development stage, there are additions and changes that are not covered by the patent, it is possible during the patent application stage to add missing or new details, or even to file a new patent application if this is warranted by the new information.

Prior to filing a patent application, it can often be worthwhile to make a basic conceptual plan to allow the patent attorney to draft and edit the patent application with the actual technical details as provided by the technical team at the time of building a model or a prototype.
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