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Developing Medical Equipment: Medical Patents

Development of medical equipment and medical patents is a field that has yielded many Israeli inventions and medical patents. Many patented pieces of medical equipment have provided solutions are well known and appreciated throughout the world.

Many Israeli inventions have received registered patents as a result of the creative thought of an inventor and medical device patent development team. Experts, scholars and others who work in the medical world rely on companies that invest in medical patents, who recognize Israel’s ability to develop medical patents. Therefore, when an inventor has an idea, it is worthwhile to apply for a registered patent before publicizing the idea or invention in public, as well as to initially develop the patent by making a fundamental concept plan.

Inventions and patents on medical equipment and within the medical field face many challenges, which have been overcome by a large number of Israeli inventors in various fields, for example, drug patents and patents on medical devices and equipment. Amongst other things, our company specializes in developing medical products and developing medical patents, and our experience suggests that it is worthwhile to have a technical team carry out an initial development of the invention before the patent is submitted. It happens that a patent attorney may draft a patent application at too early a stage, before the technical details of the solution are finalized to become the final medical device. Therefore, it is often worthwhile to include patent attorney in the initial stages, as well as a technical team who can help with the medical product development at a later stage.

Developing a medical product demands considerable technical knowledge. Development of medical products and medical equipment can be demanding and require specific knowledge to carry out what is expected of the medical device. It is also important to protect the invention with a registered patent so that companies in the field will invest in the invention.

Our company includes a patent attorney with the technical team during the product’s development. This collaboration is often essential in the development of medical patents. The development team guides the patent attorney and the patent attorney guides the development team, and the right combination between the consultants and the inventor can benefit the invention’s potential and revenues. The technical team gives the patent attorney all relevant technical details must be mentioned in the patent application to prevent the filing of a theoretical but impractical patent, as sometimes happens. When the inventor works with a patent attorney and a technical development team that are not connected to one another, the patent attorney may file for protection including details that are not part of the patent, yet neglect to mention other important details for the medical device solution. Sometimes, the technical team is unaware of what the filed patent application says, and work on solving different problems than those enumerated in the scope of protection.

We use consultants from various fields, who have worked together for many years. The bond between the teams is often important to the success of the business venture. Sometimes the inventor does not know how to foster this connection, and does not understand enough of the field and its terms, a matter that can sometimes be crucial to the success or loss of the scope of protection.
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