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Creating Patents and Registering Patents

Creating patents and registering patents. Sometimes, an inventor will claim to have an interest in creating a patent but is it actually possible to create a patent? The process of receiving a registered patent starts with filing an application for a registered patent. 

The inventor must provide a patent attorney with sufficient technical details to enable him to draft and edit the patent application. Sometimes, the patent attorney is unable to write the patent application due to the inventor missing vital technical details. Therefore, in many cases a technical team will assist the inventor and the patent attorney. At a later stage, the technical team can build a model or create a prototype, but this is not “creating a patent”.

The patent itself is not the item, but the rights granted by the state, upon the issue of a patent certificate, making it impossible to “create a patent”. When an inventor states that he wishes to “create a patent”, he usually means that he wishes to produce a model of his invention. The patent is comprised of documents containing descriptions and illustrations of the invention; the patent office does not require the presentation or the production of a practical model in order to receive a registered patent.

Products that meet the conditions and are issued a patent, after receiving the registered patent, can be said to be protected by a registered patent. In practice, the patent is not manufactured; the product is.
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