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Cooperation between the American and Israeli Patent Offices

As part of the PPH – the Patent Prosecution Highway, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Israeli Patent Office have announced a new pilot scheme. 

According to an announcement issued by the Israel Patents Office, the pilot is a range of initiatives designed to speed up and improve patent examination processes through cooperation between the two Patent Offices.

The advantage gained by someone requesting patent is that this cooperation will shorten the waiting time for the examination of the request for patent. Higher efficiency is very important for many inventors and entrepreneurs because it will mean commercial progress. If the pilot succeeds, the result will be that anyone requesting a patent in Israel and anyone requesting a patent in the USA will save time and money because each Patent Office will be able to use the results from the search and examination processes for the national request, conducted by the other office. Higher efficiency will also help many inventors and entrepreneurs receive their rights within less time and exploit their rights through commercial transactions.
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