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Cancellation of Fees

The Patent Office’s announcement of the cancellation of the publication fee in accordance with Clause 16 for International Requests entering into the National stage in Israel will benefit all those submitting such requests.

According to the announcement made by the Head of the Patent Office on December 29, 2011, from December 26, 2011, there shall be no need to pay the publication free in accordance with Clause 16 to the Patent Law, 5727 - 1967 and in view of the deletion of Provision 7(e) to the Patents Regulations (Implementation of the Treaty Regarding Cooperation in Patent Matters) 5756 - 1996.

Furthermore, the announcement from the Patent Office states that anyone asked to pay the publication fee after the provisions stated in the announcement became valid, shall be entitled to ask the Patent Office’s administration for the refunding of that fee.

The Patent Office’s announcement clarifies that the content of the announcement does not refer to requests that have not reached the national stage in an international request in accordance with the PCT Treaty (initial submission in Israel or submission in accordance with the Paris Treaty).

Anyone about to submit a request will save the cost of the fee and those who have already paid the fee will be able to ask for a refund. It is worthwhile reading the entire announcement issued by the Patents Office as aforementioned, on December 29, 2011 and keep abreast of all notices issued after that announcement, which inform about the changes and updates issued from time to time. It is also a good idea to check if the type of request and the information provided in the announcements are relevant for each individual request.
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