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Are Patents Registered in Israel in English or Hebrew?

Are patents registered in Israel in English or in Hebrew? Many inventors who wish to file a patent in Jerusalem want to know whether they should submit their application in English or in Hebrew.

Patent registration applications at the Patent Authority in Jerusalem can be filed in either English or in Hebrew. The overwhelming majority of patent applications are filed in English; one of the reasons for which is that most inventors are also interested in protecting their invention outside of Israel. Thus, the patent applicant can use the same document to file for patents in additional countries without the need for translation and further alterations.

It is possible to find patent applications in Hebrew, and these are usually filed when the inventor has no intention of protecting his invention outside Israel. However, patent attorneys will often draft the application in English, even if it is only intended to be filed in Israel.

If an inventor wishes to file a patent outside of Israel within 12 months in accordance with the Paris Treaty, he must also file priority documents detailing his Israeli filing. It is therefore preferable that these documents are in English, to avoid notarized translations and additional complications arising from misunderstanding of Hebrew outside Israel.

The above details are not complete, and it is necessary to consult a patent attorney for each individual case. However, most patent applications that are filed in Israel are usually registered in English.
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