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About the company

Our company deals and specializes for many years in finding creative solutions from the idea stage of the patent, invention, including fund raising, manufacturing and promotion by a team of experts from many fields.

We specialize in inventions, patents, building prototypes and models, assistance and guidance in realization of the invention and patent and supply comprehensive services to inventors and companies.

The team in our company has experience of 26  years in developing patents, inventions, and ideas which have been promoted successfully throughout the world. We provide services to private inventors, companies, universities, research institutes, technology incubators, military and security organizations.

Fields of expertise: domestic, industrial, commercial, medical instrumentation, toys and games, inflatable products, hobby, sports, transportation and vehicles, garden and yard, furniture, devices and machines, processes and systems,  and so on.

The team working in our company  specializes in many diverse fields having many years of experience of developing patents and inventions, planning and integration of technologies, manufacturing processes and developing products, processes and methods.

The technical team in our company follows milestones set along with the inventor or entrepreneur progressing towards a defined goal according to a time table which was predetermined. We accompany the client throughout the length of the way according to a plan agreed upon, suited individually to the invention, patent and initiative of the client.

We manage complex multi –disciplinary projects and specialize in patents, mechanics, plastics, electricity, electro mechanics, metal, electromagnets, software, hardware, electronics, optics, equipment and control, automation, computers, communications,  materials engineering, machines, propulsion, accessories, transportation and vehicles, patents and so on.

Located in our company are workshops, and laboratories for manufacturing models, patents and prototypes in the following fields: mechanics, plastics, electronics, optics, machining, laser processing, electricity and so on.

We also invest in initiatives and ideas of inventors which we find have commercial potential thereby saving the inventor some of the expenses of financing the patents.

Our company provides the client with quality, personal service by a staff with a lot of experience in developing products, patents and processes which have had worldwide success and the client selects the work plan suited to him, the initiative, the invention, patent and budget.
Contact us

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