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“Google Patents” Patent Search

“Google Patents” is Google’s patent search engine. Patent searches can be carried out on Google Patents with the advantage that it that it is a free patent search engine.

Sometimes when inventors find patents in their field, they give up and neglect their invention – a decision that may or may not be justified. Many registered patents have a list of similar patents enumerated at the start. This means that the Patent Authority’s appointed examiner has awarded a registered patent to the applicant for the new patent despite similar patents in the same field. Some patents even have a list of dozens of previous patents, despite which the new patent is awarded. The patent was awarded because the patent examiner found some innovation and inventive advancement in the new patent application.
Therefore, even if similar patents have been found, as happens in practice in many cases, it is advisable to consult a patent attorney for each individual case. The patent attorney can check whether, despite previous registered patents, he believes it is worthwhile to submit an application for a registered patent and receive a patent for part, or all, of the new invention.

Google’s patent search engine allows inventors to learn what already exists in the field of their invention. The inventor may be able to learn from what others have done in the field and improve, make more efficient or lower the price of the product or process by finding creative solutions that had not previously been thought of.

We integrate a technical team into the process to help the inventor find creative technical solutions from the initial idea stage. The team also plans the concept, technical details and diagrams that are given to the patent attorney to help him compose the patent application, or submit a design application if necessary.

If the inventor searches patents, or someone else searches for him, he should consider if the invention, despite the existing publications, can yield an income given smart business enterprising. Even after asking if the patent has been found in a search, the answer may not always be conclusive, and may result in discussions between the patent attorney and the examiner who uses his discretion to decide whether or not the patent will be granted. It is therefore very important to consult a patent attorney for advice.

It is also important to know exactly what to search for. In many cases, the search is carried out in the initial stages where the invention is no more than an idea. It may turn out that after consultation with a technical team who help the inventor turn his idea into an invention by adding technical details and solutions, the search results would be different; each case should be checked on its own merits. The above details outline the issue and are incomplete
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