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Your Idea and Patent will become reality

Patentim.co.il provides unique services to inventors and companies combining consultation and solutions from the idea – invention stage up to manufacturing of the product, marketing and completion of the process of receiving the patent.
Our professional knowledge in the area of promoting patents, developing products as well as our professional experience of over 25 years in the area of patents and inventions distinguishes us over all other companies in the market in this field.
Our company has a great number of patents which have been approved and registered on our name, have succeeded worldwide, have been patented and prototyped.
The credibility, professional staff of the company and great experience in developing dozens of ideas and products, registered patents and inventions in the process of patent registry (patent pending), enable us to provide reliable, quality professional service without compromise to each customer which turns to us for our services in the area of patents, idea development, inventions, building models and prototypes.
During the first meeting in out office we sign a confidentiality agreement with the customer which obligates us to maintain confidentiality of the invention – patent of the client.
During the meeting we provide the client with the information needed for promoting his invention, the subject of patents, stages in the process of receiving a patent, patent searches, explanations about basic concept planning as a part of the process of receiving a patent as well as the costs entailed to all aspects of out field of expertise.
Patentim.co.il specializes in a range of areas such as: plastics and metal, electricity and electronics, equipment and control, automation and mechanics, computers and micro computers, software, optics and more. Our company has a rich experience of 25 years of developing products and ideas in various fields which have had great success worldwide.
Amongst are clientele are private inventors, companies, universities and research institutes, military and security organizations.
We specialize in building prototypes and models, assistance and guidance in realization of the invention and providing comprehensive services related to the idea-invention- patent for inventors and companies.
Our company is renowned for finding creative solutions from the idea stage up to the manufacturing of the product by a team of specialists in many fields.

Amongst the products developed by our company:
  • Plastic and metal products    • Dollar, diamond, and gold testing devices.
  • Transportation, command and control systems  • Data security for computers and internet.
  • D.N.A testing device • Rescue systems from buildings
  • Modems for computer communication • Radiation protector for Cellular telephones.
  • Electro mechanical products • Sensors and probes.
  • Smart window • Games and toys • Weather detectors.
  • Baby products • Solar energy Products • Earthquake detectors.
  • Electronic security fences • Gemological and seismologic instrumentation.
  • Lightning shield • Sensors and alarm systems • Robots.
  • Domestic products • Scientific and medical instrumentation.
  • Facilities and manufacturing lines • Aviation and seamanship products.
  • Animal products • Inflating products •  Leather and fabric products.
  • Products for vehicles • Sports products • Security and military products.
  • Optical products • Magnetic products • Products for infrastructure and construction.
  • Models for homes • And many other additional projects
Inventors searching for investors program
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Investors searching for inventors program

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Why will small companies benefit more from patents on software than large corporations?
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